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Constructive role of media in public awareness

Radio, Television, newspapers, and social media such as Facebook, X, messenger, and WhatsApp have a significant role in sharing information, which has contributed to the closing of nations and countries. Nowadays, the media has been recognized as the fourth pillar by developed and developing countries since they not only play a crucial role in sharing news and information but also contribute to the enlightenment of public minds, particularly in developing concepts and political, social, and cultural education among Muslims. No one can overlook or ignore the fact that media is not only a tool of mass media but also plays a significant role in awakening the public. Therefore, they are deemed high value and crucial, provided that their publications are real, unbiased, and reality-based. All the mass communicationrelated tools mentioned above can deliver information to any part of the world easily and quickly, create a sense of asking questions, extend ideologies, and boost the development and speed of the teaching process. However, in addition to the mentioned points, the media can confuse the public, plunge them into conflicts and violence, and misguide the generation. As much as the value and role of mass communication tools are significant and worthy of attention, the role and duty of employees are also important. In addition to their social and historical mission and responsibility, they are obliged to fulfill their duties with honesty, integrity, and truthfulness. It has been previously mentioned that media can create conflict and violence among people, and by providing false information, they foster distrust among people; they can conceal the truth by sharing factual information and instead display substitutes, which raises questions about the standings of the media and causes people not to believe their broadcasts or sometimes appear in insignificant matters that hold no value to the audience.To conclude, journalists, presenters, and political analysts are required to constantly inform the public with impartial and unbiased information and also enlighten public opinion through accurate examinations, analyses, and insightful opinions about events. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.