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Constructive engagement with IEA helps fight regional challenges

After the Islamic Emirate took over power in Afghanistan, not only aids of the international community decreased, but the national assets were also frozen by the United States. These unfair measures have put common people in economic trouble.

However, over the past five months the Islamic Emirate has increased its efforts to engage with the international community constructively replacing the atmosphere of mistrust and skepticism with ​​convergence and cooperation in order to ultimately find ways for greater economic opportunities.

But as seen, some countries instead of considering the deplorable economic situation and standing by the Afghan people have regularly been procrastinating to speak for the frozen assets and recognize Afghans officially even imposing conditions for the solutions to these problems.

While the new government of Afghanistan has met all the criteria for recognizing the current system and has always pledged that the Islamic Emirate is committed to mutual diplomatic respect with the countries of the world ensuring there will not be any threats to countries of the region and the world.

On this basis, the people of Afghanistan expect the international community to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate not allowing the economic situation to overshadow the lives of our people as well as the security situation, because there are countries that have strategic plans in the region and are trying to achieve them and worsen the situation in Afghanistan.

However, the security and stability of the region and the world is indispensible to the security and stability of Afghanistan. Now the international community needs to cooperate in security, stability and economic and political improvement of Afghanistan, because bilateral and multilateral diplomatic relations can be defined in interaction with each other and if there is an issue, it should be dealt through logical discourse and seek political wisdom for its solution.

Countries of the region and the world, especially the United Nations should not ignore and forget that without interacting with the IEA government, it is difficult to fight against terrorism and security problems and empower economic growth and development of countries in the region.

However, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, speaking to the UN Security Council meeting on February 26, 2022, stressed the need to increase humanitarian aids and called on the world to provide necessary assistance and efforts to control Afghanistan’s economic crisis and improve the human rights situations. But according to Afghan people, these statements should be replaced with serious and practical steps to have effective and efficient result on ordinary people’s lives.

In addition, the United Nations should use their authority to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, increase humanitarian assistance, release the country’s frozen assets and force the world to engage constructively with the new Afghan government.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.