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Construction work on Gulbahar-Panjsher water dam to be started soon, Mansoor

KABUL: The Acting Ministry of Energy and Water Mullah Abdul Latif Mansoor, during his visit to the country’s central province of Parwan said that efforts were underway to allocate a budget for the Gulbahar-Panjsher water dam, according to a statement from the ministry on Wednesday. Mawlavi Mansoor said after the allocation of the necessary budget for the dam, its construction work will be launched in the near future, according to the statement. “In addition to better water management and power generation, the dam will also help resolve the land-related issues in Parwan and Kapisa provinces,” the statement quoted Mullah Mansoor as saying. The project would also play a constructive role in supplying drinking water to residents of Kabul province, the minister explained. According to the statement, the dam will have the capacity to store 490 million cubic meters of water and generate 116 megawatts of electricity. The Kabul Times

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Hussain Khan Yousufzai Ifriqi December 8, 2023 at 8:55 am

Afghanistan should industrialise and develop in all sectors of life if it want to become a sustainable and self sufficient and independent country which will give it self respect as a nation. Pashtun must stop running to Pakistan and Arab countries and develop their own country and live in peace with each other and miodernise their backward and illiterate society. No society can progress if they dont educate both males and females. the Honourable late Sheikh Yusuf Qardawi used to say a bird cannot fly with one wing but it need two wings. Afghanistan needs both men and woman to be educated and particpate in the development of their nation, only then afghanistan will be great and normal nation. The ban on women education must be lifted it is unislamic to deprive woman from modern education.Trade via Chrabhar and Wajgab and Uzbekhistan and Turkmenistan as Punjabi Terrorist Pakistan will never be happy with the modernisation and development and industrializtion of Pashtun. Their aim is to keep Pashtun slaves to religious obscurantism and ignorance. build the railwa from Termez to Kabul to Kandahar then Zahedan to Charbahar , it is better than using Punajabi terroristan where afghan tarde are being stolen by Punjabi Terroristan. Afghans must learn and not be dependent on Punjabi Terroristan.

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