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Construction work on five check dams kicked off in Paktika

SHARANA: Construction work on 5 check dams worth 13 million Afghani (some 182,431 U.S. dollars) has been kicked off in the country’s eastern province of Paktika, the Ministry of Energy and Water said in a statement the other day. The projects with the financial support of the ministry will be implemented in the Terwa, Waza Khwa, Nika and Khairkot districts of the province, the statement said. Based on the ministry’s assessments, more than 42,000 cubic meters of water will be stored in the dams, the statement added. The purpose of constructing these check dams is to address the water resource needs in the region. By creating these structures, water will be efficiently managed and harnessed to support agricultural activities, provide drinking water, and enhance the overall development of the area. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.