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Construction work on dozens of projects underway in Kabul


Kabul Municipality has informed of continuation of construction work on 40 projects in Kabul city. A representative of Kabul municipality Nimatullah Barakzai has told The Kabul Times correspondent that construction work on various projects are underway in the city.
“Construction of streets, roads, bridges, canals, administrative buildings and trade markets and others are parts of development projects that are underway in various parts of Kabul city,” Barakzai said, adding that the projects are being implemented by Kabul Municipality and private sector.
“At the beginning of the year, we had announced 181 projects that there are more completed projects and currently 30 to 40 projects are being worked on, which are different projects,” Barakzai added.
Construction work on a 60-meter road in Qala-e-Zaman Khan in the 16th district, the connecting road between sections B and C of Khushal Khan Mena in the fifth district, the road from Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan to Qala-e-Musa in the 10th district, a road from Amnyat township to Qala-e-Zaman Khan in the 16th district and work on road connecting to hill of Maranjan (Tapa Maranjan) in the 16th district are the projects that are underway in the city.
Meanwhile, Kabul Municipality says it has already started work to decorate all the city’s intersections with various sculptures, and so far it has decorated more than twenty of the city’s squares with various objects.
According to Barakzai, about 105 projects most of which have been completed and some are underway. In addition to constructing facades at the capital’s squares, the municipality is trying to find solutions to reduce traffic in the city.
On the other hand, some members of the private sector who have invested in the production of construction materials in the country call on the Kabul Municipality to increase the use of domestic products in construction projects so that products produced by domestic manufacturers can also find a market.
Kabul resident are happy of recent construction works that are implemented by Kabul municipality in various parts of the city. Kabul Municipality calls on all citizens in the city to cooperate with Kabul Municipality in the implementation of the city’s reconstruction projects as well as beatification and decoration of the city. Kabul municipality has also reported that its developing plans will be implemented during the coming solar year 1402. Despite decades of fighting and war in Afghanistan, Kabul city is still shining bright and look beautiful.
Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.