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Construction of recreational park on Maranjan hill kicked off

KABUL: The construction of a recreational park on the top of Tapa-e-Maranjan, located in PD16th, was kicked off by Kabul Mayor Mawlavi Abdul Rashid, Shaikh Neda Mohammad Nadim, the governor of Kabul, representatives of the Ministry of Interior and high-ranking officials of various organs, according to a statement from the Municipality.
In a ceremony held on this occasion, Kabul mayor said that Maranjan hill will soon become a suitable and beautiful place for recreation for the Kabul citizens.
“There will be a mosque, a clinic, sports and playgrounds for young people and children, guest houses, vehicle parking, canteens, the installation of benches and shades, sidewalks, the development and expansion of greenery sites, construction of pedestrian networks and other essentials will be made in standard and basic form”, said the Kabul mayor.
It will add to the beauty of the city and the citizens will feel comfortable while using this place, he added.
These facilities will be completed by various institutions and administrations with the cooperation of the domestic private sector within a year.
The ceremony ended with the laying foundation stone for a Masjid Sharif (Holy Mosque) and praying for prosperity of the people of Afghanistan.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.