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Construction of canal completed in Khost

KHOST: Construction work on a canal and restoration of an Aqua-Barrier worth 16 million Afghani (some 224,503 U.S. dollars) has been completed and inaugurated in the country’s eastern province of Khost, the provincial River Basin Department said in a statement the other day. Head of the provincial river basin department Mohammad Ali Zadran said that the canal with a length of 1.4 kilometers, including 51 reservoirs and construction of some culverts and the Aqua-Barrier, has been built within 8 months in Sabri and Yaqoobi districts of the province, according to the statement. He added that with the construction of the canal, over 688 hectares of land will be irrigated. In addition to providing job opportunities for hundreds of people, the infrastructure development will contribute to the enhancement of agricultural productivity in the districts. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.