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Considerable drop in key food items’ prices countrywide

Residents of various provinces say they are happy that prices of key food items have considerably decreased in the country’s markets. Shopkeepers in Kabul, the capital, have also informed of considerable drop in food prices in the city’s markets. Food prices used to be high on the threshold of arriving Eid days, but it is the first time that food prices are considerably low on the threshold of arriving Eid-ul-Adha. Currently, 1bag of flour is sold from 1,480 – 1,580 AFG, a 20litcooking oil can sold from 1,600 to 1,680 AFG, a 10-lit can of cooking oil sold 920AFG and 1 bag of rice is sold from 2,900 – 3,000 AFG in Kabul city’s markets. According to shopkeepers in Kabul markets, prices of vegetables have also decreased in recent days. They say the drop in prices of food items in Kabul markets is a result of continued control by Kabul municipality. With increasing in production of vegetables and continued con trol policy of Kabul municipality, food prices have considerably decreased in recent months. Besides, the country’s ministry of finance has recently reduced the tariffs on imported food items. During the spring season in which production of vegetables increases, the price of vegetables usually decreases in the country’s markets. In Nangarhar, Laghman, Kunar and other provinces of the countries, farmers say the decrease in the price of vegetables particularly the onion, tomatoes and potatoes have made them face huge financial losses. Currently, 7kg of tomatoes is sold to 50AFG in Kabul markets. The lack of storage, unprofessional storage facilities, and increasing production in vegetables are some contributing factors to the reduction in vegetables pricing in the markets of the country in recent months. Afghan farmers are asking the Islamic Emirate to increase imported vegetables and fresh fruits’ tariffs as it is spring and is the season of producing vegetables and fresh fruits in the country. They also ask the government and relevant organs for helping them with creating cold storage for their products. Meanwhile, the country’s ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock has said that work on building big and small cold storages in various provinces is under way. Previously, the country’s traders believe that the lack of standard cold storage in the country leads to the direct sale of products at the end of each harvesting season, which are then exported to Pakistan at a cheap price and later imported at a higher cost. The global market prices of grains, vegetable, and other agricultural products have been falling. The price drops in some countries including Afghanistan. In some countries, food prices are still staying high. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.