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Conflicts, drought behind increasing displacements in Afghanistan

As the conflict and violence continues undiminished, the consequent troubling situation has rendered many local people to be displaced. With the wave of displacement and civilian casualties, many humanitarian and human rights bodies have been deeply concerned and worried about more and more displacement if the conflict continues so unabated.
Government figures show that 8,000 families were displaced in Baghlan in the last three weeks, leaving many of them stranded on the streets of the northern city of Pul-e-Khumri while others live in close quarters with dozens in a single home.
Meanwhile thousands of others displaced from Kunduz, Faryab, Balkh and Takhar provinces due to increasing Taliban violence. Some families have been accommodated in Kabul, however thousands others are yet to receive aids.
The Afghan government blaming Taliban for waging war, saying the group has been destroying public infrastructures, looting public properties as well as using civilian houses while fighting the security forces. The international human right organizations have accused Taliban of violating the humanitarian rights with their attacks on dozens of districts across the country.
Indeed, there is dire need for adopting mechanisms to minimize the number of civilian casualties and displacement through putting leverage pressure on all parties to the conflict to avoid unwitting complicity in the strategies that bring about disaster for the local community and cause civilian casualties.
Each year, instability and insecurity compel many people throughout Afghanistan to leave their homes and search for refuge somewhere where their survival can be guaranteed. Unfortunately, they always do not find what they leave for and have to go through myriads of problems even in the new place or on the way to the new place. In most of the cases, many people do not even choose their destinations. Driven away by insecurity and poverty, they do not have anything in mind except running away from death and misery.
Besides insecurity, recent drought has largely affected people’s living condition too in some more than 20 provinces. As per the government figures, thousands of agricultural lands, farmers and their livestock are under serious threats of drought. Meanwhile the government has said that Afghanistan to witness lower agricultural products this year due to drought.
Considering such threats and increasing number of displacements in the country which would turn as the biggest challenge if ignored, the government in close coordination with aid agencies should do more to ease accommodation and food items for the displaced people.
Meanwhile, the government authorities must make sure that the displaced families get proper food, shelter, clothing and other needs like education and health facilities. Coupled with that, the authorities should also have a long-term strategy in place that should clearly highlight the steps to restore peace and tranquility in different parts of the country so that the IDPs return to their own houses, which they deserve.
Besides to this, Taliban should know that they have brought nothing to the nation, but misery and misfortunes. Due to their bloodshed campaign thousands of people are being martyred, injured, disabled or displaced across the country.
If they truly believe for a peaceful approach to the Afghanistan issues, so should shun violence, join peace process and ease safe and sound environment to the war-weary Afghan nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.