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Conflict harmful, disputes should be addressed via diplomatic channel

Clashes have recently reported to have been increased between the forces of the Islamic Emirate and the Pakistani militiamen along the two countries’ border regions. The military clashes, according to locals, erupted between the two countries’ border forces, after the Pakistani side fired multiple rockets on the residential areas of the country’s southern province of Paktia. This is not the first time that Pakistan has targeted non-military regions in the province, the neighboring country has long violated all border norms and neighborhood rights by launching rockets on the regions that it falsely claims to be the TTP hideouts. Dand-e-Patan is a district of Paktia province sharing the border with Pakistan, where military tensions have frequently forced the people to leave their residences due to the Pakistani rocket attacks. Residents of the district are fed up with indiscriminate rocket attacks from Pakistan as they say there have been clashes between the forces of the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan’s border guards for the past few days. During the long days of clashes, dozens of missiles, fired by Pakistan, hit civilians’ houses, after the clashes started in Aryob Zazai district of Paktia and spread to the Dand-e-Patan district of the province. In recent clashes, a number of civilians have lost their lives or been wounded in the conflicted districts of the country. However, the military conflicts are yet to be confirmed officially. The clashes even resulted in the closure of the transit route in Dand-e-Patan district to all traffic and communications. What is now going on between the two countries’ border forces, is not in favor of the two countries, nor it can guarantee any interest for the two sides, but rather creates gaps between the two neighbors and pave extensive opportunity for the enemies to create discord and fuel crisis between the two brother nations. The issues, as the Islamic Emirate has long stated, should be resolved through diplomatic channels instead of resorting to military conflicts, targeting non-military areas and taking the lives of innocent people. When any border tension happens mistakenly, both sides should observe war laws and not to resort to artillery attacks then soon address them wisely. As it is clear, no militant hideout is in Afghanistan and this is clear for the Pakistani authorities that Afghanistan is free of insurgents’ presence and any claims regarding this is incorrect. Afghanistan which has freshly started the strengthening of the Islamic system and nation-building, needs cooperation from other countries to develop. So any move to meddle in other affairs or act against other countries would absolutely undermine government-building and hinder the development of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.