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Conflict between two Islamic countries destructive

One of the critical fac tors to the success and victory of Islamic countries and the Muslim Ummah is unity and solidarity, which can rescue the Muslim world from impasses and challenges, providing it with more dignity, greatness, and empowerment. Recently, tensions have arisen between two Islamic countries, Pakistan and Iran, which has led to missile exchanges between the two nations. It was observed that some welcomed the tension and unfortunately, fueled the confrontation and conflict between these two Islamic countries. The Afghan nation hopes that the Islamic countries will have unity, solidarity, and sound relations and not allow the non-Muslim world or the West to seize the great blessings of unity and brotherhood from Muslims and separate the Islamic world by launching conspiracies and schemes. Any nation or people that loses the fundamental elements of unity and solidarity is bound for failure and vulnerable to destruction. That is why colonial powers and global forces frequently aim to sow division, creating rifts within the Islamic Ummah. Their goal is to strip Muslims of the core principles of unity and solidarity, allowing them to pursue their interests afterward. They consistently express a desire for these Islamic countries to safeguard this significant blessing and avoid falling prey to the plots of disbelief and colonial powers. The Afghan nation once again urges these two Islamic and neighboring countries to engage in patience, moderation, and self-restraint, extinguish the flames of tensions, and resolve the arising conflicts through diplomatic and peaceful means. Otherwise, these tensions will lead to damages, controversies, and failures for Islamic countries. From these challenges and rifts, the global hegemony and colonial powers will seize a considerable advantage for themselves. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.