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Conference seeks ways for lasting peace in Afghanistan

KABUL: A scientific and academic conference on Afghanistan peace process with the initiative of Swiss UMEF University was held in Geneva of Switzerland here the other day.

In the conference which was attended by a number of Afghan and international professors, the participants expressed their views on peace in Afghanistan and the challenges before the process.

Ms. Gabriella of UK delivered spoke related sustainable peace, Mr. Mark of France on disarming and challenges before arming in peace process, Ms. Kim head of European Union’s Humanitarian Support Division spoke in line with Human rights in peace process and international affairs’ expert Malik Stez delivered his remarks on political figures’ role in the peace process.

Meanwhile founder and president of Swiss UMEF university Prof. Jawed Sangdel briefed the audience on peace outcomes using the modern formulas, considering socio-economic and political situations.

Prof. Anis shared Balkan’s experience of peace process and prominent journalist Najibullah Shafaqyar spoke related to failures and challenges of the peace processes in Afghanistan.

The only academic conference which was attended by dozens of professors, students and diplomats from the European countries, including that of Afghanistan, explored ways of lasting peace in the war-torn country and recommended specific solutions.

The one-day event decided to establish a working group with the membership of Prof. Anis from Austria, Prof. Gabriella from UK’s Oxford University, Malik Stez of Afghanistan and Prof. Gilas of France to compile academic findings on peace process in Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.