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Concerns grow as temperature soars up in Afghanistan

Over the intensified hot weather in the final days of spring, citizens in many provinces are facing many challenges. They state they have never experienced such heat during the spring season before, and they can’t afford to purchase cooling appliances for their homes due to economic challenges. Meanwhile, doctors also consider the direct impact of hot weather dangerous and say it affects people’s health and advises them to protect themselves and their children from the heat and its consequences. Naseer, one of the Kabul res idents, states the weather has become hot, but people lack enough resources to keep their homes and food items cool. As a result, illnesses have increased, and even hospitals lack sufficient facilities to treat the patients. “People are suffering from various diseases due to the hot weather, and on the other hand, because of economic difficulties, they are unable to purchase the necessary food required in hot weather,” he shared. Fatemeh, a teacher at a school, says the students attend school, despite the hot weather. “The weather is hot, but the classroom has no cooling facilities. Therefore, students faint every day inside the class,” she said. Meanwhile, some doctors emphasize that if it is neglected, the hot weather can lead to various diseases. Dr. Najwa Fazl recommends people should prioritize health preservation and thoroughly clean and consume more vegetables and fruits. “The weather has become extremely hot, and many diseases such as diarrhea, typhus, cholera, malaria, etc., are prevalent due to the hot weather. To prevent the further spread of diseases, it is necessary to avoid crowded places or direct exposure to sunlight and consume more vegetables, fluids, and fruits,” she shared. It comes as many citizens complain about the unfavorable financial situation, calling it unprecedented heat in this season. They say that due to the lack of sufficient facilities, a large number of people have been rushed to hospitals. According to the information provided by the Meteorological Department, the northern, southwestern, and some northeastern and eastern regions of the country currently have the highest temperatures, expected to remain even hotter in the coming days. S. Raqib

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.