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Concentration on domestic products one of the basic solutions to reduce poverty

A fresh findings of Central Statistics and Data Office (CSDO) show that over half of our population are facing with multi-dimensional poverty that includes 51.7 pc and these people are living with low living standard.
Economist Saifuddin Saihoon said that Afghanistan lacks domestic products and cannot ensure its ordinary and development budgets. Our economy is depending to foreign aids.
Saifoon added, at present Afghanistan has the lowest per capita income in the world and highest rate of mothers’ mortality with lowest rate of education level. According to him, at present, Afghanistan has no positive economic peculiarity.
The officials of Ministry of Economy said that the above survey has been conducted with cooperation of the MoE and its contents show different levels of poverty.
Addressing the media, spokesman of the MoE Suhrab Bahman said, in the past surveys, the rate of poverty was calculated based on per capita income. It meant that a person with daily income of less than $1.25 locates over poverty line. But present method differs from previous one. In this method poverty has been analyzed in five dimensions including employment, medical services, education, living standards and citizens’ living security.
As a result of this survey, Bahman added that we found that 51.7pc people are living in multi-dimensional poverty that includes both economic and social aspects. 15pc of people of Kabul and 85pc of people in provinces are at close quarters with this kind of poverty.
Bahman went on to say that important point in this survey was this that poverty was more availing in those places in which not only economic problems but high security challenges were also imposed on families.
One of the dimensions of this poverty was low standard living conditions of people that overshadowed their economy and increase poverty growth among people. But why the government has failed so far to provide higher living standards to people and why large number of people have no access to higher living standards?
Usually rural population who lose their jobs, IDPs and repatriates and those who have no permanent occupation including women and children are vulnerable strata who suffer lack of food security. Due to lack of income and social security, they are not capable to supply their living requirements. They lack capacity and capability for self-sufficiency and living in absolute poverty. Over 50pc of Afghans are living under poverty line.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.