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Common interests to make countries ensure peace in region

The countries would have tighter relations when their national interests are similar or they have somehow common interests. Therefore, when the interests are locatedin opposite direction, we would witness disputes and change in foreign policy of the country’s relations.
Active presence of Russian, China, India, Pakistan and Iran in Afghanistan is directly and indirectly deemed to be a serious threat to the U.S. interests in the region.
U.S. forces know well that if they leave Afghanistan, another country would fill their empty place, a move would cost to losing a strong base in the region to them.
From the view point of Americans, without presence of foreign forces, Afghanistan would turn into the securest place to insurgents, through which they can organize their attacks all over the world particularly the US.
With the presence of Daesh in Afghanistan, Russians have changed their view before the Taliban.
They support the Taliban in a fear that the US would make effort to support the Daesh and help them reach northern borders of Afghanistan and from there, to the Central Asia.
Besides, Russians believe that US military bases in Afghanistan can be a serious threat to Central Asia and they are sure using Afghanistan, the US want to play key role in the region and endanger Russia’s security.
However, Daesh is not currently controlling more territory, but it has launched sectarian terrorism.
In fact, prolongation of war would increase forming other terrorist groups like Daesh.
Pakistan plays key role in Afghanistan’s political situation, a neighbor that is seeking its improvement in destruction of this country.
Pakistan can never tolerate to see a strong, stable and powerful Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, whenever Kabul-Delhi relations got enhanced, Islamabad tried to insecure Afghanistan, through which it wanted to show its opposition before Afghanistan’s foreign policy with India.
Iran is another key neighbor of Afghanistan, a country that has common culture, language and historical eras with our country.
With Daesh presence in Afghanistan, Iran has also changed into foreign policy with Afghanistan.
Likewise, China is willing that it’s neighboring countries to have stable situation, because, any instability in the region particularly in China’s borders can endanger that country’s internal security.
China is making effort to play role in Afghan peace talks, through which to help ensure peace in Afghanistan and its borders. India is the biggest friend and partner of Afghanistan. Its most important demand in Afghanistan is to eliminate terrorist threats against it. Besides, India is doing its best to help Afghanistan in different fields and increase its influence in this country. In addition to economic assistances, India has played key role in construction of power dams.
Pakistan has good relations with Arab countries particularly Saudi Arabia, as it has recently declared to pay $6 billion in loan to Pakistan.
As the US know about the Islamabad support of insurgents groups, it cannot do anything else but to verbally pressure Pakistan. Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.