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Commercial ports, highways shouldn’t be under Taliban control

Unfortunately in the last one month, beside having access to certain districts and villages, Taliban have accessed to some strategic ports and income sources too.
Media have recently reported that Taliban have approached to Islam Qala port in the west of the country. Prior to this it was said that Taliban had been seen in northeastern port of Sher Khan port and north western port of Torghondi.
If Taliban militants establish their domination in our commercial ports, its obvious that our security-economic challenges will be increased in long term that would never be in the people and country’s interest.
Taliban access to ports and income sources will seriously affect people’s living and government from certain points of view.
In case the Taliban establish their control on our ports and customs, major economic highways will be occupied by them and the government incomes via imports and exports will be poured into Taliban pockets.
Exploiting the ports and customs income sources, they would further improve and equipe their militants, and will enjoy further financial and budget capability that would change the equation in battlefields in favor of Taliban.
One the other hand, the ongoing war may continue for a long time and would be further devastating, therefore the Afghan government should dominate all economic sources in order not to lose its financial capability.
Because in lack of foreign troops and reduction of foreign aids, the Afghan government has to provide a big portion of its budget from domestic sources. But in case the financial sources and economic highways fall at the hand of Taliban, the Afghan government would be facing a great financial and budget challenge.
The next disadvantage of Taliban domination on border customs and ports would be their direct contact with the neighboring countries.
Taliban domination on commercial ports and in general on border lands with neighbors would cause establishment of permanent relations between Taliban and these countries and the Afghan central government’s political and diplomatic relations will be damaged and the Taliban will be gesturing with neighbors as a government.
Therefore its necessary that the Afghan government should prioritize security of borders and commercial ports and the Taliban militants who have managed to approach towards border areas and trade ports, should be quickly drawn back.
ANDSF authorities should launch cordon and search operations and clean customs and trade ports from Taliban insurgents. Following cleaning of these vital facilities, fortified and reinforced checkpoints and bases must be set up and further security and guarding forces should be deployed.
The Afghan government shouldn’t allow Taliban to dominate ports and highways, other vice the government reputation and prestige will be strongly damaged and security challenges will be increased.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.