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Collective efforts required to succeed against growing militancy

With the resilience of the Taliban insurgence in mind, the US military commanders seem to have sketched precautionary measures by considering to reposition the US forces in the neighboring countries close to Afghanistan. It is believed that the United States does not trust Taliban to honor their commitment to the agreement they signed in Doha, signs of which are emerging as the insurgents have substantially increased attacks on Afghan Government positions immediately after President Biden announced complete withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan.

The Taliban have agreed to reduce violence and engage in peace talks with the Government of Afghanistan, though they did participate in the ‘peace talks’ with Afghan Government, their motives to agree to terms that would lead the warring parties strike a peace deal is not in sight.

Despite the announcement by the US and the NATO to withdraw forces from Afghanistan, there are reports that both the US and the UK will leave hundreds of armed personnel in Afghanistan to protect their embassies and diplomats – including development workers.

Meanwhile in a letter signed by prominent leaders and individuals worldwide, friends and supporters of Afghanistan urged NATO and the European Union that as U.S. and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan, “we must not abandon the Afghan people and their democratic republic.”

The letter signed by former foreign ministers, former ambassadors to Afghanistan, diplomats, along with a range of civil society groups and leaders states that while NATO armed forces are leaving Afghanistan, “it is the obligation of all NATO and European countries to continue to strongly stand by our Afghan partners.” The letter urges NATO and the EU to continue the financial support to the Afghan state, protect the human rights of Afghan women and girls, and continue to provide “robust financial” support to the Afghan national security forces.

The letter calls for support in six major areas, including to protecting women’s rights and human rights and providing a robust and sustainable support to the Afghan state. It asks to reaffirm robust financial support to the Afghan national security forces, continue development assistance to key Afghan institutions, support a strong UN role in the Intra-Afghan peace talks, and reaffirm support to civil society and human rights groups.

The letter comes as the Taliban expanded their illegitimate war against Afghans across the country. The group has been using the ‘presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan’ to encourage young and religious zealous to fight Afghan government and the west, however they have made peace deal with foreigners, but killing their fellow Afghans on daily basis.

Meanwhile contrary to their commitments, the group has been launching attacks on districts, cities and forced thousands of local people to migrate as well as using their houses as shelters. Considering the increasing violence by Taliban, the US and its allies should do more to curb violence and make a responsible withdrawal.

Afghanistan is facing international terrorism and it suffered hugely because these terrorist groups build their niches in the ungoverned areas in the country with support from few neighboring states and non-state actors, which continue to take immense toll on its citizens’ lives, economy, education, security and national interests.

By entering into defense and security and economic development agreements with important regional and international countries, Afghanistan can easily distribute the risk and bring into the fold other countries of the world to share their part of responsibilities to ward off terminate ongoing menace of terrorism from Afghanistan in particular and from the world in general.

A collective, national, regional and international efforts and cooperation is required to succeed against the challenges that Afghanistan, the region and the world are facing.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.