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Coffin builders happy with security even they lost their work

Afghanistan, which has witnessed decades of war, in the last three years since the Islamic Emirate takeover, the wars have ended and the people have begun to live happily. Uruzgan is one of the provinces, located in the south of the country, where its people, during the past 20 years experienced fierce wars. The coffin builders in the province say that over the past 10 years, they have been making 30 coffins every day for those who have been killed in the war. One of the Uruzgan residents and owner of a coffin factory, Khaliqdad, says that he was saddened by the deaths of those killed in the wars. He says that although heavy casualties in the war, were to their benefit, but they have been saddened by the killing of people from their country. “We are happy with the closure of our work and the decrease of mortality in the country,” he said adding that since, last year, I have plan ning to find another job. He said: “In the past years when there was war in Afghanistan, I used to make 30 coffins for war casualties every day, but when the Islamic Emirate came to power and the war in the country stopped, now I make one coffin in 10 days for those who have lost their lives in natural disasters.” Many traders in the province who earn income by providing vehicles for the deceased are happy that their work has been halted at this time. One of them said: “I used to make bricks for graves, but when the war in the country was halted, now people don’t buy grave bricks like before, I also abandoned that work, and now I have a grocery store in the city and I earn a living for my family.” Haji Sayed Rasool, a 60- year-old man, says that five members of his family were killed in previous wars, adding that if the wars continue as before, his only remaining son will also become a victim. He appeals to all Afghans to be united among themselves and to never think of war again. The officials of Uruzgan province say that they are providing jobs for those who became unemployed after the end of the war. Director of the Uruzgan Information and Culture directorate Qari Agha Wali Quraishi, says that the officials of the Department of Labor and Social Affairs have planned programs for all those who became unemployed due to the cessation of hostilities. He says: “It is a matter of great happiness that there is no war in Afghanistan and those who had earned money through war are now unemployed, we have a plan to provide jobs to all those who are currently unemployed.” After the Islamic Emirate takeover, no such political event has occurred in Uruzgan province that would make people think it is the anniversary of someone’s death. Ehsanullah Walasmal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.