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Coal-fired power generation to address shortage of electricity in Afghanistan

Possible coal-fired power generation will help address the shortage of electricity in Afghanistan, while there are several coal mines that can provide sufficient coal to generate electricity.
In recent days, Chinese investors have visited Afghanistan and shown willingness to invest in coal-fired power in the country. Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the only country’s power distributor, has recently said that Chinese investors have expressed willingness to invest in coal-fired power in Afghanistan.
A spokesperson of the country’s power distributer has told The Kabul Times that the Chinese investors have shown their interest in investment in the respective sector.
“The technical delegations of DABS and China through joint meetings will discuss all issues on how to produce electricity from coal and the result of the meetings will be shared with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate,” said Hekmatullah Maiwandi, the DABS spokesperson adding the investment will produce 500 megawatts of electricity.
This comes amid of concerns and complaints that have raised recently in connection with the shortage of electricity in the country. If the Islamic Emirate goes for coal-fired power, Afghanistan will soon reach in sufficiency in terms of electricity as the country has sufficient coal mines that can provide the necessary coal to provide electricity to private manufacturing companies.
Currently, Afghanistan is facing with shortage of electricity that has created challenges for both the people and owners of manufacturing companies.
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (DABS) is making effort to reduce in load-shedding of electricity in the country particularly in Kabul, the capital.
DABS has provided further details in connection with the Chinese side start investing in coal-fired power in the country.
Afghanistan imports most of its necessary electricity from its neighbors as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,Turkmanistan and Iran.
In another move, Ministry of Water and Energy of Afghanistan has extended contact for the extension of importing electricity from Uzbekistan for another year.
A delegation of The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan led by minister of water and energy Mawlavi Abdul Latif Mansour has paid a visit to Uzbekistan to discuss the issue of electricity with the Uzbek authorities.
The country’s ministry of energy and water has said in its recent statement that an agreement for importing of electricity to Afghanistan for the year 2023 has been signed with the Uzbek authorities. According to the statement, Uzbekistan will provide 450 megawatts of electricity to Afghanistan during winter.
Afghanistan needs 1,600 megawatts of electricity with 30 percent of it provided from internal sources and the rest from imported power from neighboring countries. Shukria Kohistani

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