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Closure of transit points not solution of problems

Afghanistan and Pakistan are two neighboring countries and they share a long line of 2600 km. Although they have common culture and religion, needs and requirements for each other and neither side can ignore the other, sometimes the relations between the two countries have deteriorated, and sometimes some international powers and organizations have paved ways to create problems between the two countries.
The relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have not remained the same due to the wars and changes of governments in Afghanistan in the last four to five decades. Now that the Islamic Emirate is ruling Afghanistan and foreign occupation has now ended, it is necessary that both countries work to improve bilateral relations, learn from the wrong policies of the past and accept each other and take necessary measures to address the existing problems.
In the last 18 months of the Islamic Emirate takeover, although the relations between the two countries have been generally good, there is still a range of problems created at the Durand Line from time to time. Roads and transit gates are also closed for some time. The closure of Torkham transit gate has been the most recent incident due to which many people and vehicles carrying transit goods have been stuck on both sides.
Closure of the transit points and blocking the roads are not the solution to the problems. Closing the transit points cannot solve the existing problems, instead, it increases the problems of the tribes and traders on both sides. Afghanistan is a country depending on imports coming mostly from Pakistan, a country that also imports coal, fresh fruits and some other goods from Afghanistan; therefore, closing the transit points interrupts the process creating problems for the people of both sides.
The governments and policymakers of both countries need to solve their problems through comprehensive dialogue and protect each other’s interests. Both countries need each other in economic and security areas, insecurity and instability on each side of the line have negative effects on the other side, while stability can guarantee the stability and development on the other side.
Pakistan has only one way and that is Afghanistan for boosting its trade with the Central Asian countries. Also, Pakistan is very important for Afghanistan to boost its trade with India and to get access to the sea.
The interests of all sides are connected to each other and no side can reach the stages of development without the stability and development of the other side.
Rejecting and not accepting each other has been the past policy of some countries of the world, which has been tested and has not helped. For time being, countries of the world are trying to have friendly relations with others to go for their own benefit, use opportunities to grow their economy and find solutions to problems together.
Pakistani authorities should not put the blame for the increasing insecurity and instability in their country on Afghanistan as there was instability across the line before the IEA takeover. The IEA won’t allow anybody or group to use the country’s soil against others, and Pakistan should also not allow anti-Afghan groups to use Pakistan soil against the IEA.
The political and military officials of Afghanistan and Pakistan should also establish friendly and sincere relations based on the axis of two independent countries, protect each other’s interests, prevent from harming each other, their soil should not be used by opportunist groups so that the people of both sides live in peace and happiness.
Abu Sufia

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