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‘Closed door’ talks failed; hold open and direct negotiation with real IEA representative

Berlin, Germany - November 04: Antonio Guterres, High Commissioner for Refugees of UNHCR, attends a press conference in german foreign office on November 04, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Michael Gottschalk/Photothek via Getty Images)

Another closed-door UN-convened two-day meeting, on Afghanistan, was held on Monday, in Doha, the capital of the Arab country of Qatar, where, special envoys from various countries for Afghanistan have been said to be brought together. The discussions are aimed at reinforcing global engagement around what the world body said key issues, such as human rights, particularly, the rights of women and girls, which the Islamic Emirate has been asked to respect, while the Islamic system has frequently pledged to fulfill their rights under the Islamic sharia laws. Like before, issues on inclusive government and how to engage with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) after achieving a common understanding of the international community, was part of the UN’s Secretary General’s presided closed-door meeting attended by about 22 world countries and organizations. The meeting, like some others, excluded the representative of a real government and truth-based Islamic system with wide-range national pillars and nationwide firm security. A real question still remained unanswered that why meetings like what has been organized in Doha on Afghanistan are held behind closed doors and why such meetings are held unless the Islamic Emirate representatives are invited to? This is not yet clear if the UN or any other countries, including the regional ones hold such meetings on issues relating to their interests or about a country which is now led by an Islamic system after overthrowing the world’s most corrupt regimes, nearly two years ago. The United Nations, if wants to discuss Afghanistan issues, then it should negotiate with the real and national representatives of the country under the Islamic Emirate openly. Afghanistan is clear; the government is broad-based and efforts are being made to further widen its pillars, the human rights, in particular, the rights of women and girls, including their rights of work and education are (and) being secured in line with the Islamic sharia, drugs cultivation and production and corruption are being fought seriously and mostly importantly militants threatening the security of the country and the region have been uprooted, with some small elements in some parts of the country are being suppressed to none. Then, why the world is still worried about Afghanistan and why some countries are still disturbing the public mind by spreading rumors about the presence of militant groups inside Afghanistan? Let’s avoid speaking behind closed-door and have direct talks about the related issues, as time has now reached for discussion on bilateral interests and joint cooperation to help the poverty and war-suffered nation get rid of the current miserable situation. Recognize, not only Afghanistan under the Islamic system, but also, yourselves while planning how to interact with the IEA politically, economically, socially, culturally, etc. All that are now facing impediments would be eased through recognition of the Islamic Emirate. So do this and put an end to the prolonged problems of the Afghan nation.

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