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Cleaning & sapling plantation drive started: Sadeqi

Recently, Kabul Municipality has recruited a number of women as deputies to the city’s districts. Deputy to 6th district, Habiba Sadeqi is one of them who could bring changes in the related area so far.
She reported about creating facilities and improving life condition of that areas’ residents. During an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, she said that everyone knew that 6th district is a very populated area, therefore, “we plan to establish cultural councils, clean different areas every day and establish an Ulema Council in the PD.”
She stressed that on the occasion of New Year, “we have already launched cleaning and sapling plantation drives in the area. She added fortunately, with the cooperation of the residents, they could address a number of problems in the district. According to her, over the last three months, their relations with 6th PD residents have improved and the women come to them tackle their problems and we make effort to help them out.
Unfortunately, due to inattention, most of the saplings planted over the last years have been dried, but for the next year, Kabul Municipality has plans based on which each district is responsible to care the saplings, she added.
Fortunately, 6th PD has specified three areas to systematically irrigate the trees and prevent drying planted saplings and the process is ongoing in any area with plantation of 2000 saplings, she went on to say.
Answering a question if there female cleaners in 6th district?
She said There is no doubt that women play key role in cleaning of the city, therefore, with the help of Habitat entity, female cleaners have been recruited in this district.
Replying a query, she said unfortunately, ninety percent of the areas in 6th PD were out of plan.
She added due to some issues, the new master plan names ‘Urban Draft Plan’ has not been finalized so far.
As she got his master degree in the field of green energy from India, called women role effective in uprooting corruption particularly within Kabul Municipality.
At the end, while congratulating New Year to the people of Afghanistan she asked the residents not to differentiate between their city and home and take part in its cleanliness.

Shukria Kohistani

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