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Claim saying Afghanistan still a source of instability, a false judgment

Russian Defense Minister’s recent remarks describing Afghanistan as the main source of instability in Central Asia, is far from reality, a matter of regret for the two nations and ignoring all positive achievements of the ruling Islamic system in the field of comprehensive peace and security. “In the Central Asian region, the situation in Afghanistan remains the main source of instability. Numerous radical groups have gained a foothold there, stepping up attempts to promote their ideas in the neighboring countries. The risk of gangs and terrorism spilling outside the country is growing,” he pointed out. Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan also, emphasized that any fragmentation of Afghanistan would negatively impact the entire region and that maintaining firm control by the Islamic Emirate over Afghanistan is crucial. This should be noted that Afghanistan has never been a source of threat and instability for other nations, neither at this time nor in the past. At present, the country is enjoying overall security with every day widening and ensuring nationwide, while in the past no proof, those claiming so, have so far presented to indicate that Afghanistan has been a source of threat to other nations. Kabul and Moscow have long secured their relations and the Russian leadership is getting closer to the Islamic Emirate’s recognition. Both countries share good diplomatic missions and are developing friendly ties including economics. So, the recent remarks by the Russian Minister of Defense, the highest diplomatic authority, which is an empty claim, should not be made to a country like Afghanistan, which is practically at the frontline of the war on terror and insurgency, is unfair. Such claims without evidence, if not prevented, undeniably harm relations between the two countries. Soon after the remarks by the Russian Defense Minister, the Islamic Emirate’s spokesman responded, saying that Afghanistan currently enjoys sure security and stability and that ‘countries should not fear Afghanistan’s territory, as no threat will emanate from here to the neighboring countries.’ Afghanistan, after the Islamic Emirate’s power takeover, is seeking good relations with all regional countries and asked them to avoid making such claims. This is a clear fact that Afghanistan has not been and never is a threat to any direction and the Islamic Emirate has proved that the country’s territory will never be used against other countries and has uprooted all militant groups with potential threat attempts and in case of any possible insurgency, the two countries can share information about, instead of resorting to such claims. As relations between Kabul and Moscow have now become stronger, so, both sides can jointly address such issues through diplomatic channels to avoid such statements in the future.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.