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Civilians protection a must

Civilian casualtiesare one of the most painful aspects of conflicts in the region, in particular in Afghanistan. Non-combatants, mainly women and children, have sustained fatalities and injuries within decades in Afghanistan and the nascent democracy could not end this issue since the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist groups continue their fight against Afghan people and the government.
The conflict in Afghanistan claimed the lives 2,615 civilians and left injured another 4,072 including women, children, elders and youth last year, the Civilian Protection Advocacy Group (CPAG) said on Monday.
Comprised of civil society organizations and legal experts, CPAG, which monitors civilian casualties and seeks justice for the victims of war, said in its report that 40 suicide attacks took place in 2018, killing 744 and injuring 1,668 others.The CPAG report said most of the casualties last year happened in Kabul province and there were no casualties in Daikundi province.
After Kabul, people in Nangarhar, Helmand, Ghazni and Paktia provinces suffered most of the casualties.CPAG called for enacting a civilian protection advocacy law. “Those involved in civilian casualties — militants, international forces or government forces — should be punished.”
The government and international forces were urged to provide long-term aid to victims’ families. The government was asked to secure guarantees from foreign forces that they would take care of civilians during raids.
CPAG also urged the United Nations not to be content with releasing civilian casualty reports only, but also explain its position on the issue.
The people, who are not in any way related to the conflict that takes their life, lose their lives in the most tragic manner, though they have every right to live alive. What the poor masses expect from a society or a state that they dwell in is the opportunities to live a happy life, unfortunately, there are many societies and states in the world that have not been able to provide that very basic requirement to their people. Afghanistan is one of the same societies.
The common masses in Afghanistan must bother about the deterioration in security as they are basically the ones who have been suffering and may suffer to a further extent if instability and terrorism prevail in the country. It is really annoying to see the civilians losing their lives when they have nothing to do with the war. In the war-torn country like Afghanistan, people have not only suffered the hardships of the poor and miserable lives but also the horrors of war.
With the current rise and swelling wave of terrorism, it should not be neglected that Taliban and other terrorists, have been able to grow largely in the recent few years and disturb the peaceful life of the common masses.
As the legitimate and elected body, the government of Afghanistan sparing no effort to provide safe and sound environment for the citizens.Therefore, Afghan people should be cautious enough not to fall for the bogus claim of the militants or the anti-government political circles, be it in or out of the country. The militants have a highly black record in killing civilians and their concern in this regard is to provoke the public sentiment against the government and muddy the waters.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.