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Civilian casualties should be prevented during military operations, House

Over the last years, civilian casualties have been one of the government and people’s serious concerns, as recently, following airstrikes in some parts of the country, civil people sustained heavy casualties.
Expressing concern on increase in civilian casualties, lower house of the parliament says that Afghan security forces should further pay heed during military operations and prevent civilian casualties.
During a general meeting held recently, parliament’s speaker, Abdurrauf Ibrahimi said, “Unfortunately, we have been facing civilian casualties during airstrikes in a number of provinces, but it is a matter of concern that this action has so far been repeated several times. Therefore, we expect the security entities to properly manage the war in order not to harm the civilians.’
Nowadays, during operations conducted in Kunar, Kunduz, Helmand and Nangarhar provinces, besides harming the civilians, the villages have also been destroyed.
At the same time, calling protection of civilians the government’s responsibility, Afghanistan’s civil society said the government should prioritize civilians’ safety.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, head of Afghanistan civil society association, Aziz Rafiyee said civilians’ safety was one of the basic issues that has been paid less attention in Afghanistan.
He stressed we ask the warring sides not to make the civilians their shield, adding the people should not be misused for political goals.
Meanwhile, expressing concern on the issue, a number of experts and media staff called peace process acceleration one of the ways that can be effective in civilians’ safety.
An expert, Mjujiburrahman says that the government of Afghanistan is responsible to ensure the citizens’ security through any possible mean.
Besides, the citizens’ safety is also related to their close cooperation and coordination with the government particularly the Afghan security forces, because, without their cooperation, no citizen would have safety, he added.
He added besides ensuring civilians safety and security, the government should also make effort not to harm the civilians during attacks on enemy’s safe havens.
A civil society network member, Safia Seddiqi called peace talks’ acceleration the only way to protect the civilians’ lives, adding the people of Afghanistan have always witnessed horrible incidents over the last more than three decades.
She added that the government of Afghanistan should make effort to accelerate peace negotiations with those warring sides who accept the country’s constitution to prevent civilian casualties.
Despite national and international efforts, civilian casualties have still remained as a serious challenge that should be further paid heed by the government.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.