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Citizens unsatisfied with price and quality of Internet

Many citizens complain about the price of the Internet and are dissatisfied with the services provided by telecommunications networks in the country. The citizens say that the cost of internet packages is very high, while the quality is very poor. Although the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology of the Islamic Emirate claims they have reduced the price of the internet, some citizens say that prices have not decreased. Some citizens, in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, stated that the prices have not decreased, but the internet packages are of poor quality. “The price of the internet has not decreased, and its quality is not as good as in the past. The Ministry of Telecommunications should pay atten tion to this issue because the majority of Afghan people use the internet, and millions of dollars are being deposited into the pockets of telecommunications companies” said Masih, a resident of Kabul. “I have a YouTube channel, and an important part of my daily work is linked to the internet while my income has decreased; the cost of lowquality internet is still high,” said Imran Rahmani, another citizen. “The price of data in Afghanistan is higher than the cost of food. 1GB of data costs 200 Afghanis. While its quality is very poor, and it takes several hours to reload a page,” he added. According to them, today, all transactions, education, trade, and daily life activities are conducted through the Internet. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate must exert pressure on telecommunications networks to reduce the prices of internet packages and improve their quality. Sayed Jalal Shams, the spokesperson for the Afghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, stated in a session last week on the occasion of World Technology Day in Kabul that the cost of telephone calls and internet services has decreased by 40 to 50 percent. He had claimed that the price of 1 GB of the internet had decreased from 250 Afghanis to 110 Afghanis. However, some citizens said that 1 GB of the internet is provided for 140 Afghanis and 2 GB for 280 Afghanis others also stated that 1 GB of the internet is available for 117 Afghanis and 20 GB is offered for 1,700 Afghanis. However, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Enayatullah Alkozi, told the media that they accelerated their efforts to improve the quality and speed of the internet in the country. These statements are made while the Internet prices in neighboring countries are much lower compared to Afghanistan. In Pakistan, 50 GB of the Internet is sold for 300 Afghanis, and in Iran, 10 GB of the Internet is sold for 1000 Afghanis. It comes as Afghanistan imports its internet from Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan through optical fiber, and the state-run Afghan Telecom telecommunications company is responsible for importing internet from abroad and distributing it to domestic private companies in the country. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.