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Citizens must adhere to urban living standards to protect environment

Every citizen is required to make efforts to keep their living environment clean, refraining from burning materials that produce smoke. A clean city is a symbol of culture and the well-being of its citizens. If our city is unclean and polluted, our citizens will get infected with various diseases and dangerous microbes. A prominent sign of a civilized and cultured country is that its residents prioritize cleanliness, considering themselves responsible for cleaning. Unfortunately, our country is among those where citizens do not adequately understand their responsibilities and duties and are reluctant to actively contribute to keeping the city clean as needed. These citizens neglect to consider the culture of urban living and throw garbage and unused items in rivers, streets, public roads, and parks, contributing to the city’s dirtiness and environmental pollution instead of disposing of them in the trash. Moreover, they continue to use more combustible materials, transforming the city into an environment filled with smoke and dust. Suppose everyone living in the country understands their responsibility for keeping the city clean, managing their heating materials, and caring for their environment. In that case, we can soon have a city free from impurities and pollution. Companies, residential buildings, and public baths that burn non-usable and combustible materials, as well as fuel tanks supplying low-quality fuel to the public, play a significant role in air pollution and have committed irreversible actions. They should consider their conscientious duty, contribute for the sake of their homeland and country in maintaining the cleanliness of the city, and consider themselves responsible for rescuing their land from the clutches of pollution and impurities. How wonderful it is for us to pursue the cleanliness of our country and, to the best of our ability, fulfill our responsibility towards our fellow citizens. A citizen is genuinely healthy when their city is free from any impurities and pollution. We can only achieve a healthy environment when we all join hands to eradicate pollution and impurities. If anyone disregards health regulations, throws trash anywhere, pollutes the air by burning combustible materials, and neglects the importance of environmental cleanliness, soon the environment will be destroyed, and various diseases will emerge. Therefore, it is the duty and responsibility of each citizen to strive for the protection and cleanliness of the environment and the air in their country and home and to feel a sense of responsibility. Learning the culture of urban living and promoting it is not a simple and easy task that can be institutionalized in a short period. Mass media, Masjids, pulpits, schools, and everyone play a crucial and fundamental role in the protection of the environment and making it clean. Therefore, for the institutionalization of a culture and legality, comprehensive efforts must be made. However, another notable point in this area is that cultural promotion and adaptation cannot be forced if people are not willing. People must learn and adhere to the culture of urban living so that we can have a beautiful and thriving city in the future and enjoy a clean and pollution-free environment. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.