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Citizens’ concerns do not move DABS

Handling the affairs of the country’s main power supply company — Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat, the authorities are little thinking about the plights of the citizens, besides long power outages risen from the neighboring countries failure to remain committed to the bilateral power agreement.
Despite long power outage, within a span of less than two months, Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat wrote power bills with the same or higher prices, while the Afghan citizens lacked electricity for more than 20 hours a day.
The holy month of Ramadan is approaching, and the people are already suffering unprecedented poverty in addition to the increased power bill that each household have to pay.
While the neighboring countries, exporting power to Afghanistan, cut electricity to the country, under any reason or excuse, then why the DABS provide the bills for the citizens the same as before?
The people of Afghanistan are already suffering hike of many essential commodities, such as food, liquid gas, wood etc. during the ongoing harsh winter.
During the past regimes, the DABS had also the same behavior with the destitute citizens and the people thought after the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), the power distribution process will become more transparent than in the past, as the Afghans are now living under sure security and can move around the country peacefully.
But, nothing tangible is seen in the work and activities of the DABS to do with the electricity-deprived citizens, mostly in the capital, and the people’s dilemmas have soared in this field, with no other organs to address them.
Actually, the past governments’ officials, who are well-experienced in this field, should give positive consultations to the newly appointed DABS members who have yet to be experienced in how to prepare the power bills among the costumers, particularly during the current long blackouts.
Also, the new leadership of the DABS should seriously focus on the issue and consider strong meritocracy for any appointment either from the past or among the new personnel, expected to be hired in the key organ.
Also, the related entities of the Islamic Emirate have the responsibility to oversee and investigate into any doubts and suspicions and distinguish honest individuals from insincere ones in their appointment process in order to bring transparency and improvement all over the government organs.
On the other hand, the ministry of water and power of the country, should seriously discuss issue relating to power export with the neighboring countries and do their best to convince them not to cut electricity whenever they wanted as this would disturb both the lives of the citizens and harm the factory owners.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.