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Citizens concern over increasing garbage in the capital

Increasing trashes on Kabul streets has raised concern of the city’s residents. A number of residents of Kabul city are complaining that increasing of trash has created lots of problems to the people.
According to the people, Kabul municipality does not timely drain the trash left on most of streets of the city. They say with increasing trash on streets and bad smell from the trash has made life difficult for people. Excessive accumulation of garbage, both on the streets and near residential areas, has raised complaints of Kabul residents. This comes as doctors warn that excessive accumulation of trash in residential areas causes various diseases among people, and children are the most vulnerable among them.
Nevertheless, officials of Kabul municipality say the municipality personnel are working day and night to drain the trash cans put mostly on streets in the city.
Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents say the people should consider the city as their home and cooperate with the municipality in cleaning the city.
“We should consider the street and city as our home and do more for cleanliness,” said Roqia, a resident of Kabul city. She asked the people to cooperate with Kabul municipality in cleaning the city.
Increasing trash, lack of city canalization, air pollution, increasing number of drug-addicts and street beggars are all problems facing the people in Kabul city.
Although Kabul city is facing with increasing population and excessive trash production, the people witness trashes across the city particularly on streets and sidewalks. Garbage is considered as dirty gold and most countries hire companies to recycle garbage.
For example, Germany recycles 70% of all waste produced, this is the most in the world. The country achieved this through their policies regarding waste, companies are held responsible to whether or not their packaging is recyclable, when consumers purchase goods they are then responsible for the disposal of them.
In Kabul, there are only a few private companies operating in the waste recycling sector. As soon as this dirty gold is thrown away, dozens of drug-addicts storm and collect reusable waste. Two-thirds of the useful waste of Kabul city is collected by these people and smuggled out of the country.
Currently, Kabul has not a regular and standard garbage collection systems. Over 135,000 garbage cans are needed to collect garbage in the city, while there are only 5,000 garbage cans that have been placed in the city where a small number of personnel have been assigned to drain the trash cans from across the city.
Kabul municipality is working to increase the number of garbage cans in the city. Besides, the municipality wants to increase the number of personnel to timely drain the trash and the garbage cans all the city. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.