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Citizens complain about hike of prices in Ramadan

In other countries, the prices of food decrease in the blessed month of Ramadan, but in Afghanistan, on the contrary, it increases and even doubles. Although our people say that Ramadan brings blessings, the rise in the price of foodstuff in the month in Afghanistan tells a different story. Shopkeepers or merchants say that the increase in the foodstuff during the blessed month of Ramadan happens because more food is consumed during this month than at any other time, heating the buying market. These shopkeepers said that the increase in the price of food items is related to the merchants since they sell to us at a high price, and we are forced to raise the prices as well. Meanwhile, some shopkeepers attribute the increase in the price of vegetables to traders profiteering. “Wholesale sellers add an extra AFN 20 to 30 to each item because it’s Ramadan, and other countries offer discounts during this month,” said Khuda Dad, a shopkeeper. “As demand increases and supply decreases, prices naturally rise; a liter of cooking oil has gone up by one dollar, and a sack of rice has increased by three dollars,” said Shah Mohammad, another shopkeeper. Gholam Mohammad is an older person who has come to the market to make purchases. “These traders have no fairness. As soon as they realize it’s the blessed month, they raise the prices of all food items. Our government is also not concerned about what’s happening in the market,” he said, concerning the increase in the price of food items in the markets. The Deputy of the Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock said that the market is seriously controlled. He added that in the coming week, some vegetables will be sold in the markets at affordable prices. “In the upcoming week, on Saturday and Sunday, we will sell vegetables at affordable prices where we may offer AFN 100 per kilogram for onions and potatoes,” said Mirwias Hajizada, the Deputy of the Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock. However, the Kabul Municipality said that the prices of 30 food items have not increased in the past three months. “Not only for a month but for about three months, there hasn’t been much change in prices since our currency has reached relative stability, and the general difference that occurs is one to two Afghanis per dollar in the past three months,” said Nematullah Barekzai, a representative of the Kabul Municipality. It comes as, previously, the Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce assured members of different trade unions in a meeting about providing more facilities and supporting business people. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.