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Citizens complain about deactivated ATMs

KABUL: Citizens complained about the deactivation of Automated Teller Machines (ATM), saying that they are facing problems withdrawing their money from the banks.
The ATMs in several parts of the city are deactivated and the citizens said they wait long for their turn to withdraw funds directly from the banks’ agencies and called for the reactivation of the machines that make their work easier.
A Kabul resident Mohammad Safeer told Tolonews that all the machines are closed from which the citizens used to take their salary.
“There has never been such a crowd. Now the problems are a bit high. The banks cannot distribute it properly and the ATM machines are closed,” said Abdul Sabir, another Kabul citizen.
However, the Central Bank said that ATM machines have now been activated across the country.
“Da Afghanistan Bank [the country’s central bank] issued a statement to all private banks to reactivate their ATMs and therefore, all these machines are active now,” said Mohammad Sabir Momand, a spokesman for Da Afghanistan Bank.
After the fall of the former government, the Afghan banking system faced severe problems. However, restrictions on withdrawing and transferring funds were recently lifted.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.