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Cinemas to screen films after 1-year hiatus

Some Afghan cinemas have been reopened after a year of being closed. The cinemas are due to display 37 movies and documentaries.

The actors in the movies are happy about the reopening of cinemas and they said they had to provide funds for the films to be made.
“After one year, the doors of the cinema have been reopened. We are happy,” said Abdul Sabor Khinji, an artist.
‘We have spent from our own pocket money on the movies. We were happy just to do our work,” said Fayaz Iftikhar, an artist.
However, roles for women artists were severely limited.
Atifa Mohammadi is the only women actor who played a role in one of the recently-made movies.
“It is a miracle that the cinema could be reopened in such a situation, and the movies could be displayed,” she said.
The visitors praised the movies and said that they convey an important message to society.
“Women should not be prohibited in this field because this is the right of women. I don’t think a movie would sound good without the presence of women,” said Zahra Murtazawi, a resident of Kabul. Tolonews

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.