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Chronology of important events of life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

The auspicious birth anniversary of Great Prophet of Islam Hazrat-e-Mohammad (PBUH) is being celebrated every year in all Islamic countries particularly in our beloved homeland, Afghanistan in grand ceremonies. 1397 (2018) coincides with His 1447thbirth anniversary:
– Birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) 571 AD.
– Separation from their beloved mother BibiAmena 575 AD.
– After death of His mother, His grandfather Abdul Motalleb took over His custody in 575 AD.
– His first travel to Syria (Levant) in 583 AD.
– His marriage with Bibi Khadija in 596 AD.
– His selection as arbitrator in 606 AD.
– First inspiration revealed to Him as Prophet of Islam holy religious in 610 AD.
– The first overt invitation to Islam in 4th year of prophecy in 613 AD.
– Migration to Ethiopia in 6th year of prophecy in 615 AD.
– Hazrat-e-Hamzah converted to Islam in 616 AD.
– Hazrat-e-Omar converted to Islam in 616 AD.
– Bibi Khadija and Abu Talib passed away in 619 AD.
– Trip to Tayef in 620 AD.
– The miracle of Ascension and incumbence of prayer in 621 AD.
– Migration from Mecca to Medina in 13th year of prophecy in 622 AD.
– Marriage with Hazrat-e-Ayesha in 2nd year of migration in 623 AD.
– Change of Qebla from Qods to Kaaba in 2nd year of migration 623 AD.
– War of Badr in 2nd year of migration in 623 AD.
– Incumbency of Roza (Fasting) and Zakat in 623 AD.
– War with Jews in 623 AD.
-War of Ohod 625 AD.
– War of Khandaq 627 AD.
– Peace of Hudaibia 628 AD.
– Conquering of Khyber 628 AD.
– Invitating the leaders of other countries to convert to Islam 628 AD.
– War of Moota 629 AD.
– Conquering of Mecca 630 AD.
– War of Tabook 630 AD.
– Hujjatulvedaa (The farewell sermon) 632 AD.
– Passed away 632 AD.
Note: The Great Prophet (PBUH) addressed over 124000 muslim audience on Friday afternoon of 632 AD during His farewell sermon.
Abdul HadiQuraishi

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