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Chinese poor-quality products undermining business in Afghanistan

China still exports its products, poorest in quality, to Afghanistan; even after nearly three years of power takeover by the Islamic Emirate in the economic-ravaged country. During the past regimes, Chinese companies exporting goods of the lowest quality, with billions of Afghanis a year, have been excused for doing this because of deals with the Afghan traders whom they said regularly offered commodities for low-quality and lowprices. Most Afghan manufacturers complain about the inferior materials produced in and exported from China to Afghanistan and said that if the import of low-quality goods is not banned, their factories will eventually collapse. Businessmen; retailers and factory owners around the country, say cheap and low quality Chinese products have been overshadowing their businesses. Also, ordinary Afghans who have to buy something important for their houses or even a simple toy for their children, complain that the quality-material, they wanted to buy are not provided by the shopkeepers. “I bought some handles, locks and other house needed items from a material shop in Jada-e-Nader Pashtun, they broke and became unusable within short,” Majid, a Kabul resident and a customer said adding all these materials, when asked the shopkeeper about, had been Chinese products excessively being exported from China to Afghanistan. Not only the said materials but most of the Chinese products such as dining tables, beds, cupboards as well as electrics are the poorest in quality. During the past governments, when there were rumors that Chinese producers were doing this in the demand of the Afghan traders, as they ordered similar items to the lowest in both quality and prices. “Before the Islamic Emirate takeover, we have heard that Chinese producers were not caring the needs of the people, as they are exporting their low-quality items considering the demand of the traders not the need of the customers,” he said blaming the trend to have been still going on even under the Islamic Emirate system. They bring excuses that Afghans are not economically good and they cannot buy items of high quality and high prices, so, there is a need to offer of low-quality items with low prices He asked the Islamic Emirate for preventing the import of such items and bring the violating traders to justice. Importing such substandard products from China or any other country, not only harms the economy of ordinary people but also, deteriorates the economy of the country, and severely marginalizes Afghan factories and the handicraft industry. They will go out of business, as they are facing bankruptcy, after low-quality Chinese commodities replacing with quality domestic ones. Eighty percent of goods available in the market are Chinese. They are poor; however cheap. The deficient goods imported from China do not last long and break down quickly, as they tribally disposable, soon after buying, the customers, when seeing cheaper merchandise, they do not buy quality items. The Islamic Emirate, particularly the organs concerned should monitor the imported goods and prevent the import of inferior goods either from China, Pakistan or any other countries. Chinese products have widely captured the market with their low prices, while the country imports goods from other countries like Iran and Pakistan. The free market system, which is not in favor of the people and the businessmen should monitored and according to the economic experts, this should be returned to a mixed economic model, by increasing tariffs on the importing goods and encouraging the buying of domestic products. A mixed market system or a mixed economic system is better for the Islamic Emirate to support both private ownership, manufacturing firms and state-owned enterprises. To be continued Mohammad Noor Khahan

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.