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Chinese company to establish logistics centers in Afghanistan

BEIJING: The Chairman of Wuwei Bonded Logistics Center, Hong Mingfeng, in a meeting, with the country’s Acting Ambassador in China Mawlavi Bilal Karimi, said that he is ready to build advanced logistics centers in Afghanistan. Addressing the meeting, Hong Mingfeng added to promote trade and create facilities for the transportation of commercial goods, his-led company is ready to construct advanced logistics centers in Afghanistan, the embassy said in a statement the other day. Expressing readiness to facilitate the transportation of goods between China and Afghanistan, Mingfeng emphasized the importance of efficient trade routes. Meanwhile, Bilal Karimi said that the Islamic Emirate is ready to create all necessary facilities for investors in the country, as well as it wanted the transfer of commercial goods through various corridors to be done in a cheap, orderly and serious manner. Previously, a number of representatives of some Chinese companies had announced readiness in investing on various mines of the country. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.