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Chinese association participates joins disaster relief in Baghlan

Severe floods in Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan have recently caused over 300 deaths. This natural disaster has caused tens of thousands of people to be displaced, camping on the mountainside, lacking food and clothing, and their situation is very difficult. The sudden disaster also touches the hearts of overseas Chinese in Afghanistan. The Overseas Chinese Association of Afghanistan quickly took action and mobilized its members to raise funds for the disaster area. In just three days, not only members but also enthusiastic domestic friends and even anonymous philanthropists actively participated in the fundraising activities for the post-disaster reconstruction of Afghanistan, receiving over 4900$ in donations from all parties. On May 16th, under the leadership of President Meng Xiaoli of the association, the main backbone members of the association participated. A group of 9 people, carrying daily necessities such as noodles, lamb, and candy, set off at midnight and drove for nearly 9 hours, crossing the snowy Hindu Kush Mountains to offer condolences to the orphanage in Baghlan province. By the time I returned to Kabul again, it was already approaching the second half of the night. On May 18th, representatives of the association donated the remaining about 3700$ from this fundraising to the Afghan Red Crescent Society. Director Hasam, responsible for international relations, accepted the donation. He expressed great gratitude on behalf of the people in the disaster area for the association’s fundraising activities. China and Afghanistan have been friendly for generations and are good neighbors and partners. The people of the two countries are even more connected. In the face of difficulties, the friendly and kind Chinese people always fight side by side with the Afghan people, creating a better future together. Feda Mohammad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.