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China willing to play constructive role in Afghanistan peace process

Chinese minister of foreign affairs says after years of war and turmoil in Afghanistan, peace has eventually become possible. China has never interfered in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, Wang said, adding that his country is willing to continue to play a constructive role for Afghanistan peace.
“After years of war and turmoil in Afghanistan, peace has eventually become possible,” Chinese minister of foreign affairs Wang Yi told reporters after meeting with Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon.
He urged all parties and factions in Afghanistan to reach extensive political consensuses through inclusive dialogue and facilitate the “Afghan-led, Afghan-owned” political process.
“We hope the negotiation between the United States and the Taliban can lead to a deal that is conducive to the process, and hope other multilateral mechanisms on the issue of Afghanistan can play positive roles for the process as well,” he noted.
China is a close friend and neighboring of Afghanistan and monitors the country’s recent peace developments. But, are the people of Afghanistan really so close to peace? The answer depends to coming negotiations between the Taliban and US as well as holding direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group. China, as a close neighboring of Afghanistan, has widely helped Afghanistan in the field of the country’s economy and culture.
Another significant issue for China is the increasing threats posed by terrorist groups in Afghanistan as well as in Xinjiang. Besides, presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan and paved hotspots of extremism and terrorism in China are somehow threatening the security of the country. In the meantime, increasing of threats posed by Daesh in the region is considered as another concern of China. To address all these threats, China is willing to play constructive role in Afghanistan peace process as both Afghanistan and China can never ignore such increasing challenges in the region.
Afghan political experts believe China can play vital role in Afghanistan peace process as China can convince Islamabad to help Afghanistan in both counter terrorism and peace talks with the Taliban group. China better knows that the root of terrorism and extremism is in Pakistan.
Meanwhile, we admit that reaching peace and stability in Afghanistan also depends on continued efforts of the international community and regional countries. Afghanistan’s neighboring countries have shown their willing for maintaining peace and stability in the country as they have big development projects to be implemented in the region.
Naturally, execution all the stages is not possible without Pakistan, China and other regional countries, but perhaps keeping political and economic relations with Central Asian countries, Pakistan and India is also significant.
Currently, Afghanistan is in frontline for fighting terrorism and extremism. If the frontline is broken or gets weaken, insecurity will spread to both China and Russia. In consideration to type of formation of security equations in the region, Daesh, al-Qaeda and all other terrorist groups are making effort to reach China and Russia.
Lailuma Noori

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