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China to expand cooperation with Afghanistan in various areas

KABUL: Chinese ambassador to Kabul says China as a good neighboring country for Afghanistan and is going to increase its cooperation with Afghanistan in various areas and expand relations with the Islamic Emirate.
“As a good partner, brother and neighbor, China with consideration to developmental suggestions and international security and creating a society with common destiny for humanity will expand its cooperation with Afghanistan in various sectors. China together with hardworking Afghans will make joint efforts for stability, peace and progress in Afghanistan,” said Wang Yu, ambassador of the Republic People of China to Kabul.
Afghan experts believe that China is following new strategy in Afghanistan and China and working to create a new policy in the region. After formation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the country is considered as one of the closest countries for Afghanistan.
After the IEA takeover, Afghanistan has seen new momentum for growth, with neighboring countries including China playing an increasingly important role in helping the country to grow its economy and improve Afghans’ livelihood.
China had kept friendly relations with Afghanistan in previous years. The country used to manage its relations with countries based on principle of separation of economy from politics.
One significant milestone of economic and trade relations between China and Afghanistan was the opening of the “pine nut air corridor,” which reflects an important bond of friendship between the two countries as Wang Yu, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, said.
The “pine nut air corridor,” established jointly by China and Afghanistan, resumed trade flows benefiting Afghan farmers. After the IEA takeover, China provided humanitarian aid such as food and winter supplies to help Afghanistan’s homeless people.
The frequent and fruitful connectivity between the two governments and peoples throughout the year has exemplified how pragmatic and non-conditional cooperation has brought about tangible results for Afghanistan.
Pine nuts are the only source of income for many Afghan farmers, and the sector affects the livelihoods of thousands of Afghans. As of December last year, 1,170 tons of pine nuts had come to China on 26 chartered pine nut planes, generating more than 100 million yuan ($16 million) for the Afghan people.
According to experts, trade and mining are the two major sectors that have the potential to unleash trade between the two neighboring countries.
It is worth mentioning that talks over mining project cooperation are also taking place. Just a month ago, an official of the IEA from the mining sector met with the representative of Chinese mining company Metallurgical Group Corp, the company that owns the Aynak copper project, during which both sides talked about the latest developments, and technical, financial and land acquisition issues regarding the Aynak project.
It is reported that the mine, which is believed to be the world’s second-largest, has an estimated deposit of 5.5 million metric tons of high-quality copper ore.

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