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China says US hasty withdrawal leaves Afghanistan & region in mess

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - MARCH 19: A soldier in the U.S. Army's 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, Charlie Company aims his weapon after a U.S. vehicle hit an improvised explosive device (IED), during a mission near Command Outpost Pa'in Kalay, on March 19, 2013 in Kandahar Province, Maiwand District, Afghanistan. One soldier suffered a concussion from the blast. The United States military and its allies are in the midst of training and transitioning power to the Afghan National Security Forces in order to withdraw from the country by 2014. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

By: Suraya Raiszada

Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry has called the US hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan as irresponsible, saying that the country has ignored its responsibilities and commitments and left the people of Afghanistan and the region in a mess.
Wang Wenbin, a Spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Friday called the US withdrawal “hasty” and said Washington must honour its commitments to “prevent Afghanistan becoming once again a haven for terrorism.”
According to the Chinses spokesman, US should make sure that the full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan does not lead to war and that it does not change to a safe haven for terrorism. Wenbin further said that US by ignoring its responsibilities and commitments towards Afghanistan has withdrawn its troops from the country and left the Afghan people and the region in a mess.
“The US disregards its responsibilities and duties and withdraws its troops from Afghanistan hastily, dumping the mess and war on the Afghan people and countries in the region, Wenbin said, adding that the US, as the original culprit of the Afghan issue, bears unavoidable responsibility for the current situation in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Afghan political experts say US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has definitely put the country into difficult crisis. They believe that US thinks terrorism has been rooted out in Afghanistan, while terrorism is still surging in the country. The Afghan political experts asked the international community and UN to not leave the people of Afghanistan alone. They suggested that the international community and UN should convince countries supporting the Taliban to stop supporting the group so that the group gets ready to resume negotiations with Afghanistan government. They also asked the US government for continued support to Afghanistan particularly the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in war on terrorism.
On the other hand, a Spokesperson to Foreign Ministry of China Wang Wenbin has said that China, as a close neighboring country and friend has always supported the people of Afghanistan in protection of their national sovereignty, independence, national integrity and getting national destiny on their own hand.
The Chinese Spokesman for Foreign Affairs Ministry said that China was supporting the country’s peace process led and owned by Afghans and has made effort to political solution of Afghanistan’s current dispute.
China has said that it is ready to cooperate with the international community and region countries in expediting the Afghan peace process and maintaining peace in the country. This comes after US President Joe Biden announced last Thursday that the country’s troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan will be completed on 31 August, assuring of the country’s continued diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.


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