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China assures of continued cooperation & relations with Afghanistan

Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu in his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has assured of continued and cooperation and assistance to the people of Afghanistan.
In a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister office said that Mullah Baradar by praising China for providing Afghanistan with humanitarian assistance has stressed on further steps towards economic revival of the country.

According to the spokesperson of the Chinese foreign affairs ministry, Beijing is respecting the rights of the people of Afghanistan for independent decision making on their destiny and future and is ready to continue its good relations with the neighboring country and takes constructive role in reconstruction and expansion of the country.
Meanwhile, Sohail Shaheen, a high-ranking member of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Qatar, has said that Afghanistan welcomes China’s investment and  ready to maintain security for the
country’s investment in Afghanistan.
China’s relations for investment in Afghanistan will continue. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) needs financial
resources and technology of Chinese companies. US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan and continued relations and cooperation between Afghanistan and China will mean balance in power in the region.
For China, maintaining security and stability in the region is very important. Afghanistan’s economic capability is very important for the neighboring country. The value of natural resources, mines and minerals of Afghanistan has been estimated to nearly $3 trillion.
In 2008, Chinese consortiums obtained the right of extraction of the world’s second reservoir of copper in Afghanistan.
Besides, the country obtained contract of extraction of oil in Afghanistan. If security is further maintained in Afghanistan, it seems that China and Afghanistan will enter to a long-term cooperation. Extraction of Afghanistan mines if started for creating jobs and improvement of economic situation of Afghanistan, it will be an effective step towards improvement of the country’s future political and economic situation.
It is worth mentioning that China has 76km border with Afghanistan.
The border area connecting Afghanistan with China is a thin mountainous area called ‘Wakhan’ corridor which has strategic value comparing to other areas bordering other neighboring countries.
Based on reports, China is concerned over Afghanistan sharing border with its Xiniang province which is home of Ughur Muslim minority. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has assured China of not supporting and hosting the minority in the country.
In addition to continued relations with Afghanistan, Russia has also kept its already made relations with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. In reaction to recent concern of the Russian President, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has said that no threat would be posed from the Afghan side to regional countries.
Deputy spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Inamullah Samangani in his recent voice message has said that no possible threat would be posed from the Afghan side to neighboring and regional countries.
“No threat has been posed from Afghanistan to neighboring and regional countries so far and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to maintaining security of areas bordering the neighboring countries,” Samangani said.
Tajikistan, having 1,357km border with Afghanistan, has repeatedly expressed its concern over any possible threats from the Afghan side. It is worth mentioning that regional countries particularly Russia and China as well as Pakistan have committed to continued cooperation and relations with Afghanistan.

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