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China, Afghanistan; two neighbors with positive view

Relations between Afghanistan and China have been mostly friendly throughout history, with trade relations between these regions dating back to at least the Han dynasty with the profitable Silk Road. Presently, both countries have embassies in Beijing and Kabul respectively, and the two countries share a narrow international border. With the Islamic Emirate takeover and the improvement of the overall security situation across Afghanistan, China has started working to cultivate and enhance its relationship with the Islamic Emirate within the framework of regional cooperation. In the past two years, many foreign and domestic compa nies have invested in various areas in Afghanistan. Both Afghanistan and China have started cooperation and entered into positive engagement with each other. In today’s diplomatic landscape, regional cooperation stands out as an essential element in the foreign policy strategies of many countries. In the most recent move, China has appointed its new ambassador for Kabul. The newly-appointed Chinese ambassador, who has presented his credentials to the Islamic Emirate Prime Minister, has been received warmly in Kabul. After starting work as the Chinese ambassador to Kabul, Zhao Xing met with the IEA officials in Kabul. In the introductory meeting held between acting Minister of Interior and the Chinese ambassador the other day, Acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani lauded the Chinese policy for Afghanistan, saying that Beijing had won the hearts of Afghan people with this stance. In the meeting, acting minister of interior of the Islamic Emirate thanked the former ambassador of China for completing his mission in Afghanistan and by keeping China-Afghanistan relations friendly and close in difficult situations, saying that China is a good neighbor of Afghanistan and with its good position, it has made Afghans believe its good intentions. Besides praising China’s decision, he said that China always has a positive and good view of Afghanistan. In the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Zhao Xing, said that the friendly country of Afghanistan has made significant progress in various fields during the past two years and expressed hope that there would be more good achievements in the field of interaction with the world. Xing added that China and Afghanistan were two good neighbors and their country was respecting Afghanistan’s independence, beliefs and culture and would have no intention of interfering in the country’s domestic issues. It is worth mentioning that with its geo-economic position, Afghanistan holds a crucial role for China within the region due to its status as its western neighbor, sharing a border of approximately 92 kilometers. The historical Silk Road connected these two lands nearly two thousand years before Christ. Beyond facilitating commercial transactions, this historic pathway played a significant role in cultural and linguistic exchanges, fostering closeness between the people of these two regions. This historical connection remains embedded in the collective memory of both nations. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.