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‘Children’s supporting laws should be approved’

Children’s supporting institutions want government and parliament to work on law of Save the Children.
According to The Kabul Times, the photo and painting exhibition was held recently in Queen Palace in Kabul on the occasion of Child week.
Head of Save the Children institution who attended in the exhibition wants government that during peace negotiation with Taliban to commemorate from the stance of children and girls so that the latters to have their own position in the society of Afghanistan and assurance should be given in the connection that the achievements in the fields of education especially going girls to the school should be safeguarded.
He added that they also worked with the ministry of labor and social affairs on strategy of those children who are endangering and we want our programs for children to be expanded in the provinces. Because the rights of children are very important for us.
We want to work for them, because children are the future of Afghanistan. Head of Safe the Children continued.
At the same time head of women commission in parliament, Fauzia Kofi says that the violences such as gender abuse from children such as pederasty, using of children in armed clashes and others are also existed so far.
She wants from supreme court the law of Save the Children should be passed as soon as possible and they should be given awareness about their rights enshrined in this law.
Deputy minister of MoIC in publication affairs, Fazel Sancharaki in the connection said that the dimensions of problems they are facing with are very complicated that few samples don’t respond them.
He added despite security threats, the institution of Save the Children is the only one that in any condition rendered much assistance to one and half million children of Afghanistan and we thank for.
Sancharaki also commemorated from shortage of food items, poverty, society’s deprivations, misbehave with children that our children are facing with them.
Commemorating from 3000 media in the country, deputy minister of MoIC for publication affairs asserted that we are facing with less cases that have publication about children.
He wanted from audio-visual publications they should have also programs for promotion of level of children awareness.
Sancharaki demanded from Save the Children institution beside paving the way for education and health of children, this international institution should have programs for promotion of level of awareness of children as well.
Chief of institution of Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi regarded holding of this exhibition as showing of children situation in the country and added that a number of children who attended in this exhibition in the invitation of this institution wanted to show those paintings which are given from online about situation of children in the country.
He said that since ten years to date, the MoIC included a center in the name of children art in the section of gallery and during this time, we given good mentality to great number of children of the country.
We demand from Save the Children institution to utilize from the privileges of art of those children who are working in open air.
They also should attend in painting, calligraphy, handicrafts and computer programs promoted by art gallery.
Head of secretariat of children at the ministry of labor and social affairs, Najibullah Akhlaqi said that this exhibition has artistic aspect.
The children pictorial exhibition are included of paintings and photos of children as online.
This exhibition didn’t draw an inclusive picture from the living situation of children in Afghanistan. So, we can say that children are the forgetting segment of our society.
According to him, this exhibition reflected the real picture of children of Afghanistan, especially those children who spent days in open air on the streets.
It is the first exhibition held by ministry of labor and social affairs with the assistance of Save the Children institution so that our people get awareness about the children situation of the country, the children who are deprived from any pleasure of life.
The ministry also has another such programs.
This is in a time that so far, there are some disagreements by a number of MPs and the law of Save the Children remained unresolved.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.