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Children situation still heartbreaking in Afghanistan

KABUL: In the past 20 years, billions of dollars have poured through foreign countries and international organizations for the improvement of the situation of poor families and poor children who are the country’s future builders.
Unfortunately, not only the problem of poor families, including the children, was not solved, but less attention is paid to the protection and maintenance of the country’s future builders.
It was expected that constructive plans and steps would be taken for the education and training of the destitute children, families of martyrs and orphans in the capital and provinces of the country.
So that they, along with other children of the country continue their education and avoid begging and hard work, so that in the future they will be among the scholars and experts of the country.
From now on, there should be no shortages in terms of their education and upbringing as regretfully, decades of war and crisis in the country prevented practical work for their growth, and the inattention of the authorities in this regard has made the number of these children rise to 6 million.
These shortcomings and poor living conditions have caused that there would be no guarantee for the children’s future and they still undergo difficult times amid growing poverty in the country.
While these children must get educated at such an age, they should not be saddened by making a piece of bread. These reviews take place, while the country’s officials in their speeches and meetings always claimed that children and adolescents are the future makers and heirs of the country. But their compassion and kindness towards these children is weak, and constructive measures should be taken regarding these future builders and determine their fate.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.