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Child finally loses life after nearly 3 days in dry well

KABUL: The five-year-old child Haidar who has fallen into a deep dry well, was found dead, after up to three days of efforts to rescue him, in the country’s southern province of Zabul, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate leadership said on his twitter, the other day.
Anas Haqqani said in his twitter that Haidar who was trapped in a 20-meter-deep dry well at mid-day on Tuesday, was found dead on Friday, last week.
The unfinished water well was so narrow that rescuers could not go down to bring Haidar to the ground and rescue him as the search and rescue teams had been looking for him for over 70 hours, Haqqani tweeted from the site.
“Despite all efforts, Haidar’s life could not be saved, leaving millions of sympathizers sad. We wish Haidar’s family especially his mother patience and great reward from Allah almighty,” the Islamic Emirate press office expressed grave sad in a statement, after being disappointed of the victim’s life. Dozens of excavators and bulldozers were used to dig a big hole near the mouth of the well to reach the boy in Jaldak area of the province, some 340 km in the south of the country’s capital Kabul, according to the source.
Local officials said the rescue teams lifted the body of the ill-fated boy roughly at 10:30 a.m. Friday from the borehole.
Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, the country’s acting Defense Minister, traveled to the province to monitor the rescue operation, according to the government.
UNICEF-Afghanistan has expressed deep regret over the grievous death of an Afghan child trapped in a deep water well in the country’s southern Zabul province, the organization said on a twitter Friday.
A five-year-old Afghan child Haidar has been reportedly found dead after nearly three days of rescue team efforts failure to rescue him in Jaldak area of the province.
“All at UNICEF- Afghanistan are sad to learn that little Haidar Didn’t make it out of the borehole alive.
Thank you to his tireless rescuers whose efforts we salute,” the organization regretted.
“Our heartfelt condolences to his grieving family and friends,” said the organization.
The Afghan Red Crescent Society has also set up five tents to provide shelter and food for rescuers at the site in a remote area in the province, reports said.
Saida Ahmadi

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