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Charity: A source of salvation in Ramadan

Humankind has evolved tremendously over the years, not just in technology, medicine and how we live but also in how we treat each other. As human beings, we have an inbuilt desire to help others if we can. This attribute is greatly endorsed in Islam, which gives immense importance to charity and helping others. Muslims are advised and encouraged to share what they have been blessed with and distribute it to those who are not so fortunate. Charity is not only beneficial for those who receive it, but it also lays a great reward for the ones who give. It is essentially food for the soul and serves as a means of salvation as well. It’s our duty as Muslims to help those who need it most. The reward for giving charity in Ramadan It is designated by Allah (SWT) himself, as it is said: “Ramadan is the month of giving and mercy, and in it, Allah blesses the believers with forgiveness and being saved from Hellfire. Therefore, whoever is merciful and giving in Ramadan, Allah will be even more Merciful and giving and will bestow upon him countless bounties and blessings.” An act of goodwill that is prescribed by Allah (SWT) himself should be carried out throughout the year with the sole intention of pleasing Him. However, when the Holy Month of Ramadan arrives, every type of worship and the act of pleasing our Lord should be increased, including the noble act of charity. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said: “Ramadan is an honorable and blessed month, and the rewards for generosity are multiplied in it.” Zakat and Charity Ramadan brings many blessings, which is why plenty of Muslims choose to pay their Zakat during this month. Generally speaking, Ramadan is spent in a state of meditation and prayer; however, time is also invested in aiding others. From the support of children to the aid of developing countries, Zakat provides Muslims with a feeling of salvation. One of the many great things about Ramadan is Eid al-Fitr, when the entire Muslim Ummah reunites and celebrates the occasion together, enjoying all the festivities that follow afterwards. Feed the fasting In Ramadan, when we experience the effects of hunger during our fast, we establish a closer association with those people who usually go through the condition due to a lack of food. So, fasting serves two purposes. It tests your obedience and devotion to Allah (SWT) and how well you can restrain yourself from the pleasures of life, and it also reminds you of the people who are starving and living in famine. This feeling inspires and enables us to help others. Charity to these families this month will not only help them financially but will also help them out spiritually. 30-Day Ramadan charity The notion of charity is so powerful that those who are unable to fast must make up for it via daily Ramadan charity donations. This is otherwise known as Fidya. If one’s physical conditions don’t permit one to partake in Ramadan fasting, one must, instead, donate enough to feed a single person per missed day of fasting. The night of power While it’s important to perform charitable acts throughout Ramadan, as well as the rest of the year, the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr) offers many rewards for generosity. The exact date of the Night of Power is unknown; however, we know that it falls within the final 10 days of Ramadan. The odd-numbered nights during the final 10 are of particular importance, especially the 27th night of Ramadan. The Night of Power is the time in which Allah (SWT) first revealed the Quran to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) via Angel Jibril (AS). As a result, any rewards for good deeds are greatly multiplied. The importance of charity in Ramadan As we are in the third decade of the holy of month of Ramadan, there is an ever-increasing need to give to charity and donate. There are people who need it most in the country. Therefore, everybody is urged to put in the extra effort this Ramadan and graciously donate to Muslim families’ aid, which will help others in need on your behalf. Charity is the truest salvation for a person, and such a noble deed never goes unrewarded in the eyes of Allah (SWT). Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.