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Changes in Emirati institutions leadership bring reforms, transparency

In a series of decisions, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate issued new decrees requiring some changes and appointments at various levels across some governmental institutions. The appointments included ministry, deputy ministries, provincial government and other institutions, as Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate confirmed. He announced that the appointments included the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Interior, and Faryab, Samangan, Kandahar and Helmand provinces. According to reports, in the appointments, Noor Jalal Jalali, former deputy Minister of Interior, has been appointed as acting Minister of Public Health, Rahmatullah Najib, former deputy for the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI), has been appointed as deputy for the Ministry of Interior, Abdul Ahad Fazli, former governor of Samangan province, has been appointed as governor of Faryab province, Mohammad Shoaib Rasalat, former governor of Faryab, has been appointed as governor of Samangan province. According to the decree, Mohammad Sadiq Inqilabi, former district governor of Gereshk of the Helmand province, has been appointed as deputy governor of Kandahar and Hayatullah Mubarak, the former deputy governor of Kandahar, has been appointed as district governor of Gereshk of Helmand province. The changes within the Islamic Emirate’s institutions could be effective and fundamental and a move towards good governance and believe that these appointments will contribute to the improvement of the country’s situation. The appointments are expected to benefit the people of Afghanistan and any move by the country’s leadership to bring change in the ministries or any other government institutions, would bring transparency in the related affairs and bring reforms in the administrative works. On the other hand, those who have committed incompetence in the field of their work and responsibility or are accused of graft, bribery and other kinds of official and administrative corruption, should not only be dismissed but in addition, should be brought to the law, not only be fired off their posts or replaced without interrogation like before. In the meantime, if they have enough competency, eligibility and hardworking capacity, then they should remain in their posts and no need to be changed without reason, as previously, based on the decree of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate, new appointments had been made in Herat, Balkh, Faryab, Farah, Kandahar, and Nimroz provinces, a certain number of individuals had been appointed as governors, police chiefs and mayors. The people of Afghanistan welcome such an administrative attitude and laud the Islamic Emirate’s leadership for keeping continue as it can bridge gaps between the people and the system. Working for the people, in an Islamic system, requires the implementation of justice, transparency, reforms and fighting corruption which cannot be accessed unless changes are brought to the leadership of the required institutions. Inam Hashemi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.