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Changes in Emirati administrations indicate firm counter-corruption effort

The leader of the Islamic Emirate has recently issued a decree, under which, some change has been brought in the government departments. According to the Leader’s office statement, Shahbuddin Delawar, the former Mines and Petroleum Minister has now become the head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) and Hedayatullah Badri former Governor of Central Bank has been appointed as Minister of Mines and Petroleum. Mati-ul-Haq Khalis, the president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, has been appointed as acting head of the National Environmental Protection Agency, Nooruddin Turabi, the deputy Afghan Red Crescent Society, has been appointed acting head of the National Disaster Management Authority. This is a routine process happening in governance and aimed at improving the work process and an important principle to help improve the affairs of the administration. Sometimes, this happens that the effectiveness of a government official can naturally be felt in one office while another can be effective in another. On the other hand, as experts said considering expertise, competency and meritocracy, any related fields should be given to those who can professionally handle them. No nepotism, relation, or any other biased and unfair issues should be taken in mind while bringing changes and transfer in any of the government offices, as the leader has trusted in those who have been appointed in certain Emirati organizations to impartially work for the nation. Over the last twenty years of occupation, many of the government-run agencies have been filled with the employers’ own relatives or friends and this was why corruption has spread throughout the government agencies that finally resulted in the collapse of the system. As the Islamic system is now established, all members of the Emirate, either acting ministers or out of the cabinet membership, should be vigilant about all conspiracies and plots from malicious groups aiming at disturbing the offices’ affairs by their negative consultations about the current or future appointments. The cabinet of the Islamic Emirate should do their best to protect the dignity of the system by honestly and justice-based working in the government institutions and believe that their duties are not only a routine business of them but moreover, a sacred mission, making them accountable before the nation and Allah the Almighty.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.