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Challenges ahead of media would be addressed

After more than one year of political change in the country, complaints about the freedom of media have gone viral on social media and spread among the people.
Reports released earlier said that tens of mass media, including newspapers, magazines, weeklies etc. have been shut after the rapid political change in the country.
The main issue, as Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi Deputy Publication Minister of Information and Culture briefed in his interview with a private TV channel, is that both sides; media workers and the related organ of the Islamic Emirate should jointly work for the actual rights of media.
Working for an Islamic system and national interest, means that all media including both private and state-run which are involved in all affairs of the country, should develop the real and national interests of the country and do their best to adapt their affairs with that of the Islamic directives.
Deputy Minister of Information and Culture for Publication Affairs in his recent interview, vowed to tackle all challenges ahead of media.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, especially the Ministry of Information and Culture is committed to support media.
This is what the deputy minister for publication affairs vowed, as an effective plan toward the institutionalization of support for media freedom. But how freedom our media are interested in?
When domestic media; either governmental or private want to work for their nation, development of their country and honestly and biasedly helping people access to truths about corruptions, land usurpation, drug trafficking and other subversive activities in the country, then there is no obstacle before their works neither legally nor under the sharia instructions.
If media workers obey journalist norms and ethics and avoid what is contrary to the Islamic sharia and against the national interest, then the government and the organizations respective would undeniably step up toward their support and even opening the best ways for their activities in any spheres.
Also, the situation for all journalists and media persons including foreign journalists has improved, as according to the deputy minister, over 700 journalists have recently visited Afghanistan over the past one year.
They prepared reports for their relevant institutions, under peaceful atmosphere provided by the Islamic system in the country.
So, this is the most important for both media and the Islamic Emirate related organs which are established to work for media to work together to tackle the entire challenges ahead.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.