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Chainaki, a traditional Afghan food

Chainaki is a traditional Afghan food beloved by Afghans, especially in the cold months. Chainaki is a mix of meat, oil, onion and tomato in water boiled in a teapot. Bread is also added. Chainaki is a historic dish in Afghanistan. Wahidullah has been working in a restaurant that makes Chain aki, which he inherited from his father. He has been working in the restaurant for 25 years now. “People are mostly interested in Chainaki because Chainaki is an old dish and it is famous here,” he said. The people seeks out Chainaki food during the winter season. “We are from Badakhshan and we came here to eat Chainaki in this place. It is ancient,” said Mohammad Tahir, a resident of Badakhshan. “My father used to come a lot here, almost every week,” said Ramin, a resident of Kabul. tolonews

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.