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Celebration of Int’l Youth Day

By: The Kabul Times

aAccording to international calendar, 21st of Asad coincides with Aug 12th, has been titled as the youth world day which is celebrated every year in all countries of the world in order to value the importance and role of youth in society in one hand and their problems be evaluated and solutions be sought on the other.
In Afghanistan particularly in recent years, celebration of youth world day, has been changed to a friendly tradition, a tradition which enjoys extraordinary importance because in all societies the youth are a unique and huge capital indeed for growth and prosperity and is being interpreted today as a huge human capital.
Attention and reliance at this capital is fundamental factor for movement of societies towards progress and development. Reciprocally, inattention and carelessness to it causes stagnation and backwardness and is playing with destiny of a nation.
Celebration of role and position of youth, discussing their problems and challenges to find suitable solution to them in a huge national debate, is an essential and inevitable need for certain reasons, first, large portion of Afghan 32 million population is youth and based on estimated data, over 60 percent people are at the age of 18-40 that means that Afghanistan owns a powerful potential and a huge human capital and investment in it could enable Afghanistan to create a high capacity to move towards sustainable development.
Secondly, unfortunately, the Afghan youth are at close quarters with numerous problems, challenges, including continued insecurity, war, poverty, unemployment and drug addiction, limitation of opportunities for education and slight job opportunities, restriction of sound occupations, potential danger and risk of collapse into the hell of cultural carelessness and social problems and…. Which are direct threats ahead of youth progress and development of the country.
Continued insecurity, war, economic challenges, increasing unemployment are basic problems at the moment that caused unpleasant consequence for youth. Today on both sides of the war line, even one side with an patriotic incentive and defense of people and humanitarian values and the other side with temptation of aliens and in the direction of their interests, these are youth who are victimized. One side is safeguarding national values and the other side has folded sleeves to destroy these values.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.